About the author and the blog.

Author background

Don’t miss the disclaimer, below.  I’ve spent a fair amount of my free time working on my own retirement budget and plan.  As part of that I have fairly thoroughly researched retirement healthcare options.  I have a fair amount of expertise in annuities, investing, and life insurance, including a number of industry certifications and a late in life MBA. I don’t sell anything.

I know more about income taxes from my own filings and working on tax reporting (we create your 1099!) than a non-accountant should. I have almost 20 years as a volunteer tax preparer.

I’m willing to share what I know, and hopefully helpful input from others, to make retirement a little more secure and enjoyable for people

Even I, a non-practicing Chartered Financial Consultant and Chartered Retirement Planning Consultant, use independent professional advice from books and trusted experienced financial advisors when needed.
I am not offering any specific investment or tax advice, only general publicly available information.   I will note whether the technique has been tried or only read about.  I don’t know your specific situation, so the items noted may not apply to you or work the same way for you. This is general advice and not warranted. Think critically about any information and/or advice and use at your own risk.

We subscribe to the premise, “We reserve the right to get smarter.” (E. Safdie, 2008). We hope you will too.

Copyright – don’t steal other’s work.