Dear Reader, please share your genius!

First, a thank you!

Thank you! From the visitor counts, apparently a lot of people stopped by to read one of No Surprises Retirement’s blog entries in 2017.  I hope they were entertaining and helpful.  Entertaining is sometimes a challenge with financial topics as they can be dry and directive, or, as some people call it, ‘boring’.

Share your genius

Please let us know what your favorite posts (post?, anything Bueller?) of 2017 were. Then, please think about topics you would like to see from No Surprises Retirement in 2018. Leave me a comment (click on ‘leave a comment, below) or send an email to

What, me blog?

Think about perhaps doing your own blog in 2018 – maybe you have expertise or opinions to share on fishing, travel, dining, or something else.  A basic WordPress site is free.  Think of it as part of your Creative-Social Retirement Activity plan!

RAC - star LL

Actions you can take include:

-PLEASE – leave us a comment or send us an email on what you like, don’t like, and want to see in 2018!

-Check out WordPress and start blogging.

And if you have not seen the “Why you should read this blog…WIIFY” post, it’s here

Questions, comments, or suggestions for retirement surprise areas you want to know more about?
-Leave a comment
-Use ‘Contact’, above, to send an email.

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